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The Smokeless Society - News

This Smokeless Society website was last updated on 22/01/2014, a list of amendments and changes that have been made to this website is available on the WebSite History page.

  • 9th July 2013 WHO - Questions and Answers About E-Cigarette Safety
    The World Health Organisation concludes that there are no scientifically proven instructions for using e-cigarettes as replacements or to quit smoking and, until such time as a given device is deemed safe and effective and of acceptable quality by a competent national regulatory body, consumers should be strongly advised not to use any of these products.
  • 04 June 2013 NICE Issues Guidelines To GPs On E-Cigarettes
    On 4th June 2013 NICE issued guidelines promoting the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy to cut down on smoking, rather than quit smoking altogether. Examples of Nicotine Replacement Therapy include gum and patches. NICE also approved the use of untested and unregulated e-cigarettes to inhale nicotine. The NICE guidelines were issued the day after BAT published the results of an on-line survey of GPs suggesting that GPs misunderstood nicotine.
  • 29 May 2013 Israeli Toddler Killed By E-cigarette
    On 29th May 2013 an Israeli toddler girl was so very sadly killed by an e-cigarette. Learn about her surrounding psychological environment and how such an infant fatality was virtually inevitable in the lethal environment of aggressive and high pressure lobbying and marketing of e-cigarettes by the Nicotine Industry in combination with lax government departments.
  • 22 April 2013 BBC Promotes Smoking As Being Genetic - Not Inherited Behaviour
    Some people believe that nicotine dependency, through either smoking or vaping, is caused by our genetic make up and is something that we have no control over - thus making it impossible for them to stop. Find out why they're wrong.
  • 28 Feb 2013 Smokeless Society Supporter News
    The first ePetition from a supporter of the Smokeless Society was published by the UK's HM Government on Monday 21st January 2013, and by Saturday 28th February had gained only 7 signatures ! WE NEED YOUR HELP !!!!
  • 22 Feb 2013 Anti-Smoker Debi Austin Killed By Nicotine Industry
    Anti-smoker Debi Austin shocked the world by smoking through a hole in her neck caused by her laryngectomy treatment for the throat cancer caused by her smoking. RIP Debi Austin.
  • 17 Feb 2013 Actor Richard Briers Killed By Nicotine Industry
    Popular TV sitcom actor Richard Briers dies after a 5 year battle with emphysema caused by smoking. RIP Richard Briers.
  • 21 Jan 2013 Smokeless Society Supporter News
    The first ePetition from a supporter of the Smokeless Society was published by the UK's HM Government on Monday 21st January 2013, and by Saturday 26th January had gained 5 signatures !
  • 30 April 2010 New York Moves Towards Total E-cigarette Ban
    The New York State Assembly has voted overwhelmingly 125-0 to ban e-cigarettes [e-cigs]; a product which has already been banned in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Mexico, and New Zealand, restricted in Finland, Malaysia, and Singapore, pending restriction in the UK as a drug, and the subject of law suits by attorneys general in several states, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, Executive Director of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).
  • 25 Feb 1984 High School Track Star Sean Marsee Killed By Unsmoked Nicotine
    Sean Marsee, an Oklahoma teenage High School athletics track star, born in 1965, was 'too smart to smoke', so he got his nicotine fix by chewing tobacco - to avoid the 'deadly smoke'. Oral cancer was diagnosed at 18 years old. Despite radical facial surgery Sean died aged just 19 years old. RIP Sean Marsee.



"I don't accept that smokers are addicted to tobacco. I think they have a habit... I believe the majority of smokers  could stop tomorrow - no, today - if they really wanted to."

Dr. Sandy Macara,
British Medical Association, 1996

"The nicotine inhalation habit induces a psychological dependency habit similar to that of a 43 year old teenager still living at home with mum and dad...

Smokers / vapers are addicted to nicotine inhalation about as much as someone might be addicted to living at home with mum and dad   - where life is made too easy for them to even think of moving out."

TSS Supporters, 2013


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