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Against Public Smoking ? - Support the Smokeless Society

Unfortunately, it is easy for a smoker to demonstrate their own support for a Smo-king Society - all they have to do is smoke a tobacco or electronic cigarette in public ! (In fact, even your own spouse, smoking in front of you, in your own home, is smoking in public; because you are a member of the public !)

And, in general, anyone who you might see smoking in public is most unlikely to be willing to listen to the views, ideas and opinions of the vast majority of the people in the Smokeless Society.1

In 2007 the UK legislated against the smoking of tobacco indoors in public places, which is great - unfortunately however, due to a legal loophole, this law doesn't apply to the smoking of electronic cigarettes. 

However supporters of the Smokeless Society do not want to provoke or create dischord, arguments, or fruitless debate with just a few members of the Smokeless Society who might lapse from time to time by smoking in public; and not adhering to the code of the Smokeless Society:

"Don't smoke"

"Don't smoke in public"

"Don't encourage others to smoke"

Supporters of the Smokeless Society, know that it can be very difficult to show your support for the Smokeless Society. This is because the best way of demonstrating your support for not doing something is by not doing it - and if you do that - people won't know what it is that you're not doing ! So unfortunately, smoking in public, and the smoking of electronic cigarettes in public, is a very difficult thing to gather a supporting group of people to be 'against'.

After all, it is far easier for the Nicotine Industry to campaign for e-cigarettes to be smoked IN public - the Nicotine Industry makes a lot of money out of tobacco, nicotine, and these devices, and the Nicotine Industry can easily fund their political lobbying. The Nicotine Industry is also in regular contact with their customers, and they can rely on their customers to give a very good endorsement of their product when asked; because their dependent nicotine addicted customers are most unlikely to say anything against a cheap, untaxed, supply of their nicotine hit !

It is nowhere near as easy for non-smokers and anti-smokers to 'gather together' - because 'not smoking' is not really a 'common interest'. Non-smokers don't meet each other at their corner shop - buying a non-packet of 20 non-cigarettes - and non-smokers don't gather in on-line forums - sharing their latest experiences of not smoking !

Which is where this website comes in, by providing some ways for you to show your support for the Smokeless Society - while there is still time.

Act now - Support the Smokeless Society

A number of ways of supporting the non-public smoking lifestyle that all members of the Smokeless Society have enjoyed since the smoking ban was introduced in 2007 have been identified, as follows:

  • Free Supporter Registration
    Make a stand - register as a supporter of the Smokeless Society.
  • Sign the Government ePetition
    Sign the government ePetition and show your support for healthier living and the goals of the Smokeless Society.
  • Tell Your Friends
    Tell your friends about how they can help to support the Smokeless Society.
  • Complain about Presss Advertising
    Complain to the ASA about those misleading adverts that are appearing in the press.
  • Complain to your local MP
    Complain to your MP about the smoking of electronic and tobacco cigarettes in public places.
  • Complain about Smoking on Television
    Complain about those adverts that are starting to appear on television - and also any tobacco product placement that you see.
  • Stop Smoking
    Quitting smoking altogether is far far better than changing from one nicotine delivery system (such as tobacco cigerettes) to another nicotine delivery system (such as electronic cigerettes, e-cigarettes or other forms of nicotine replacement therapy); which may encourage tumour growth and harm unborn children. They serve only to maintain your nicotine dependency and that horrible feeling dependency and of being a slave to the nicotine habit.
  • Smoke Less
    If you really aren't concerned about your health and wish to continue smoking or you mistakenly think that you cannot stop smoking, just remember to Smoke Less - and also that you live in the Smokeless Society, so: "Don't smoke"; "Don't smoke in public" and "Don't encourage others to smoke".


Policeman assaulted after tram smoking argument in Altrincham.


"I don't accept that smokers are addicted to tobacco. I think they have a habit... I believe the majority of smokers  could stop tomorrow - no, today - if they really wanted to."

Dr. Sandy Macara,
British Medical Association, 1996

"The nicotine inhalation habit induces a psychological dependency habit similar to that of a 43 year old teenager still living at home with mum and dad...

Smokers / vapers are addicted to nicotine inhalation about as much as someone might be addicted to living at home with mum and dad   - where life is made too easy for them to even think of moving out."

TSS Supporters, 2013


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