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Against Public Smoking ? - Sign the Government ePetition !

A government ePetition, requesting that the electronic cigarettes be regulated identically to tobacco cigarettes, is available. So you can also sign the ePetition:

So please just use the above link to sign the UK government petition - regardless of whether you live in the UK, USA or Canada or whereever...

Signing the ePetition is great. Thank you very much !

But your one signature on the petition, although definitely appreciated, will not make a big difference - after all it is just one 'vote'.

The way that you can make a really big difference is to raise the awareness of the Smokeless Society, by asking your friends and family to sign the petition - and also ask them to pass on the details of this website to their friends and family - asking them to register and sign the petition etc. etc.

So, please don't just stop there with your one vote, remember that the benefits of the Smokeless Society are, once again, under threat from the Nicotine Industry.

So tell everyone you know about the problem - otherwise they won't know until it's too late !

And if you would like to be a more active supporter then by all means please get in touch directly to offer any help you may be able to provide (e.g. your name, time, resources, contacts etc.).


"I don't accept that smokers are addicted to tobacco. I think they have a habit... I believe the majority of smokers  could stop tomorrow - no, today - if they really wanted to."

Dr. Sandy Macara,
British Medical Association, 1996

"The nicotine inhalation habit induces a psychological dependency habit similar to that of a 43 year old teenager still living at home with mum and dad...

Smokers / vapers are addicted to nicotine inhalation about as much as someone might be addicted to living at home with mum and dad   - where life is made too easy for them to even think of moving out."

TSS Supporters, 2013


E-Cigarette Health Warning


E-Cigarettes Banned