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1. E-Cigarette Bans - News Reports

The following contains some reference links to news reports on the banning of e-cigarettes at a local level by individual policy makers at pubs, restaurants, states, counties, villages, businesses, schools, hospitals, libraries, civic authorities etc.

Many individual policy makers are taking action at the local level and are bannng the public use of e-cigs within their jurisdiction. In general, for a number of reasons, e-cigs are being subjected to similar regulations to tobacco cigarettes, with regard to public display, use, and purchasing restrictions.

It should be noted that the lists of reports on this website will inevitably be incomplete and will represent only a fraction of the number of bans that have been reported in on-line media. Similarly, there will be an even greater number of bans that have been imposed by local policy makers and that have received no publicity or coverage at all in on-line media reports.

The reports listed below can only ever be an incomplete list, but nevertheless are representative of the actions that are being taken against the public use of e-cigarettes.


News Report & Link



The University of Texas at Arlington implements a ban on electronic cigarettes.
Open link



Electronic cigarettes banned on all U.S. flights.
Open link 1, Open link 2



Finance firm Standard Life say e-cigs breach their strict no-smoking rules and cannot be used at their workers desks - e-cig users will have to go outside to get their fix like regular cigarette users.
Open link 1, Open link 2



Riverside County, California, adds e-cigarettes to council building ban
Open link 1, Open link 2



Dexter, Michigan: Council approves smoke-free parks policy, includes ban on e-cigarettes.
Open Link



Leeds Criminal Courts ban electronic cigarettes.
Open link



E-cigarettes banned at Lancashire's Blackburn College.
Open link



Shrewsbury Town FC remind all supporters that club policuy is that the use of electronic cigarettes at their Greenhouse Meadow football ground is not permitted.
Open link



Trade Unions say E-cigarettes have no place in the workplace.
Open link, Open link 2



Acton High School bans pupils from bringing electronic cigarettes into school.
Open link



E-cigs banned by Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham shopping centres.
Open link



Amity Regional High School, Woodbridge, Connecticut, Places Ban on E-Cigarettes.
Open link



Electronic cigarettes banned by Brighton school over teen smoking fear.
Open link 1, Open link 2



Secondary schools ban e-cigarettes.
Open link



First Capital Connect bans electronic cigarettes on trains.
Open link



France bans the use of e-cigarettes in public.
Open link 1, Open link 2



NHS Fife has revised its smoking policy to include e-cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems which claim to provide an alternative to traditional smoking.
Open link 1, Open link 2



JD Wetherspoon bans e-cigarettes from its pubs.
Open link 1, Open link 2



Electronic cigarette devices banned by Scot Rail:
Open link in new window



Dundee's Abertay University bans electronic cigarettes.
Open link



E-cigs banned by Scotrail, Abertay University, Starbucks, Wetherspoons, Lothian buses, easyJet, Jet2, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Shopping Centres.
Open link


To find out more about the growth in local e-cigarette bans, see the following news reports:

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1st published 23rd November 2013


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